h22 in an eg HELP!

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ok, so i apparently picked up an SH block unwittingly. and my intermediate shaft is from a non-SH block. i had read/heard about a plate of some sort, to allow me to use my current intermediate shaft, and current block. has anyone heard about this? here is a link to what i am talking about..

plate demonstration

and i am yet to find this person, or thread. if anyone knows what i am talking about, lemme know. lol

thanks guys


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Originally posted by jdmspec
whats the average time on a b16 swap into a hatch

Lol best reply ev4r....

But I dunno. I'd suggest calling HaSport. I think they make axles so that you can keep the prelude intermediate shaft.


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i have the prelude intermediate shaft, and the axles from gator. but i have a intermediate from a non-sh, and i have an sh block. so ther eis an issue.