h22 in civc


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I was wondering what it wil take to install a JDM h22 into 94 si civic hatch. I was wondering if I need a new ECU with the 94 si becaus it already has vtec and if the harness needs to be changed?


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use a p13 (prelude) ecu or a P72 (gsr) ecu. But from everyone says p13 is the way to go. and yes your wiring harness needs to be changed. You want to use your civic wiring harness on your prelude motor connecting to your prelude ecu. Did that make sense??


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Originally posted by hybridsol@Dec 21 2002, 07:56 PM
use a prelude ecu, the gsr ecu makes you lose power

How so?

Either one will fit your needs, it's just a matter of which one you can get your hands on easier. They're both in pretty high demand.


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a h22 into a 94 civic is not just changing the wires and ecu you will need to buy aftermarket mounts and modify your frame a little ...the mounts arent cheap so you better have about 600 bucks before you start your swap..


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Originally posted by longlee@Jan 3 2003, 12:55 PM
also you would need a aftermarket radiator too... the h22 will run into your stock radiator...

all you need is a thin fan not a custom radiator