H22 Redline?

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so your saying you dont have to shift untill or a little before 7800 on this beast? what mods would you have to do to make take the motor to rev 8200?? or wouldnt it make power that high anyways? assuming of course this motor would be NA

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Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Apr 7 2003, 01:29 PM
Redline is 7200, fuel cut is 7800.

i'm so glad someone else here knows the difference between redline and fuel cutoff.


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The difference between redline and fuel cut isn't that tough to grasp. But you're right, it's good to know other people know about it. :)

Anyway, your optimal shift point is going to depend on dyno numbers. You don't HAVE to shift until around 7800 rpm, correct. To make the engine rev to 8200, I'd probably upgrade things like valves, retainers and springs. I think the bottom end could handle it. However, I'm not sure if the stock H22 cams make power up there. You may need to get some aftermarkets (or MAYBE some Type-S cams) to realize any power above 7800.


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So your saying that even though this engine redlines at 7200, you could safley take it to 7800? Even though I don't really think its worth it, there is the occasional mis shift into the rev limiter and I always get a little freaked out whenever it goes that far into the red.


Isn't it 7400 redline and 8100 rev limit on a USDM H22A??? Why is there a difference?
The redline on my 93 VTEC (as shown on factory tach) was 7400...with fuel cut-off at 7650. I made a habit of bouncing it off of F.C-O during a lot of my autocross races. She made power all the way up till the limit!

I am gonna do some modifying on the same motor before it goes into my accord, so hopefully I will be able to rev to the mid 9's.

Peace out homies!!! :D

anyone wannay help me solve my problem? it's a JDM h22a and P13....and the rev limiter bouncing off of 6800RPM while it's suppose to be 7800....it's an auto maybe auto tranny controller is doing it...?


yea you were right about the type s, my fault, but it still redlines at 8900


ok i take it back i dont know what i was thinking, maybe it's the f20 (S2000) that redlines at 8900, either way i'm retarded