H22 SH in a eg hatch..will it work???

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I posted this question on a different thread and then realised I should have just made my own. I have a 95 cx hatch. I also have available to me at a very low cost a prelude sh motor and trans. I haven't been so involved with the swap scene in a while since I just bought my 6th honda and trying to get back in the game. Is this SH motor and trans completely useless or can I use both, one or the other? :confused:.. Any input on this is greatly appreciated!!
so now that we have that all cleared up haha.. do you guys have any info for me cuz this motor and trans is soooooo cheap!!!
he used a m2b4 so he would not have to make an adapter plate to get rid of the atts =P
anyone have any input here??? im tryin to buy this motor in the next couple days before he changes his mind on the price!!!
the atts would give you some trouble.
i dont think itll be worth the trouble, but if the engine is cheap enough, buy it.
why would no one respond just cuz youre new? lol
thats just silly.
I have built a few eg's with h22s. the SH motor is a great motor for the eg. however, the atts tranny sucks. and is a pain in the ass to make work in the eg. what you want to do is get the h22, then get a manual tranny from a prelude or accord. the m2b4 is a good one, hardest to find.
the SH block is a little different than the others, the mount place on the back of the motor for the half-shaft mount it different. its missing holes. they can be drilled and tapped, i recomend you have a machine shop do it.
here is some info from over at honda tech on the trannys available, and the codes. the code can be found on a sticker on the front of the tranny.
ussually has a barcode next to it.

M2A4 - JDM 4G
M2F4 - USDM 4G
M2Y4 - JDM/USDM 5G Base
M2Z4 - JDM 5G SiR S-Spec/JDM 5G w/ LSD option


T2T4 - JDM Accord SiR-T (F20B) LSD
T2W4 - JDM Accord Euro-R LSD
U2Q7 - EDM Accord Type-R LSD

M2A4 - 3.307 - 1.950 - 1.360 - 1.071 - 0.787 - 4.266
M2B4 - 3.307 - 1.950 - 1.360 - 1.071 - 0.787 - 4.266 LSD
M2F4 - 3.307 - 1.950 - 1.360 - 1.071 - 0.870 - 4.266
M2U4 - 3.285 - 1.956 - 1.344 - 1.034 - 0.812 - 4.266 ATTS
M2Y4 - 3.285 - 1.956 - 1.344 - 1.034 - 0.812 - 4.266
M2Z4 - 3.285 - 1.956 - 1.344 - 1.034 - 0.812 - 4.266 LSD


T2T4 - 3.285 - 1.956 - 1.344 - 1.034 - 0.812 - 4.266 LSD
T2W4 - 3.285 - 2.090 - 1.481 - 1.071 - 0.812 - 4.266 LSD
U2Q7 - 3.285 - 2.090 - 1.481 - 1.071 - 0.870 - 4.266 LSD

check out this article.

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thank you very much for the info! I figured being new people would see how long i have been a member and figured it was just a dumb question and leave it alone. I appreciate the help you guys gave me. Ill probably just buy the block and work with another tranny. Thanks again!