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so i have a 92 accord LX and i was wondering exactly what parts i need in order to go through my swap...do i need all these parts...and if im missing any other parts can you tell me????

- Motor
- Hydraulic Tranny
- ECU (P13)
- Axles with Half Shaft
- Shifter Cables
- Shifter Assembly
- Stock Motor Mounts *<<wont my stock f22 motor mounts fit
- Alternator
- Starter
- Clutch
- Flywheel
- Intake Manifold
- Exhaust Manifold
- Fuel Rail
- Injectors
- Distributor
- Engine Harness
- Comes With All Sensors Needed
- LSD Tranny <<i want it
Intermediate shaft <<<do i really need this????because im already getting the Axles with half shaft so wtf is teh intermediate shaft???
i know you need new motor mounts if you are gonna put an H22 in an accord, but the shaft thing...wait for dohc to come along...he shall speak the answer
im getting the motor off HMOTORSONLINE.COM
i heard a lot of good things about them
do you guys know of anywhere better?
the total is goin to cost me
2100=complete changeover kit
+ 300=LSD
+200 for the intermediate shaft if i even need that
+ 300=shiipping
TOTAL= 2900$
Hmotors is the best place to buy from IMO. VERY good customer service. The intermediate shaft should come with the complete change over and yes u will need it. LSD is the stock Honda disc type lsd. I personally would rather invest in a Quaife LSD but that depends on your $ situation and what your goals are.
hmotors is where im getting mine, but its a two week turn around on the enine...sooo i gets to wait till the 16th :-(
what motor are you getting??
how much are you going to end up paying with everything??
are you getting LSD??

ive done the sum and it seems like im going to spend 2900 with shipping, lsd, and the intermeidiate shaft,,,if i even need it
wtf 200 extra for the intermediate when you buy a complete change over??
thats bullshit

your f series intermediate should work...
Im getting the H22a motor w/o LSD and im not getting the complete swap. I have a 92 lude, so i dont need all that stuff. Ive just a lot of research in the past few days and i know the accord needs the motor mounts. The intermediate shaft is out of my range of knowledge.

oh and its gonna cost me 2250 because my shop doesnt have a lift gate
No, the F-series intermediate shaft won't bolt to the H-series block.

But yeah, that's BS that the halfshaft isn't included in the price. Mine was, as are all of the other ones I've known. It's needed for the swap.
if it is a complete swap it should come with the intermediate shaft...just read hmotors website it come with the intermediate shaft you need. the extra 200 is if your dropping it into a civic(you need an accord shaft for that swap)
btw...use your stock f-series mounts, and your stock f series harness and just add the appropriate connections to it.
the complete swap comes with half shafts...but idk wat intermediate shafts are..i called the guy 2day.and he told me that i don't need the intermediate shafts and that the mid shafts are the same as the half shafts...so i guess ill be spending a total of 2750 for everything

now i gotta go talk to my mechanic tomorrow and see what he says..prices....labor...all thats BS..i went to some other shop around my way..and they told me it was going to cost more because the h22 wont fit in accords and you need to do some customicing....BS hahahaha dude was a dick
where is the best place to buy performance parts for a JDM h22
the engine is 92-95 JDM H22.i haven't ordred it yet..im just looking around for parts
everywhere i go they sell 94-01 h22 parts..but idk if they would fit or if they would be the same for japanese parts??
someone correct me if im wrong, but there wasnt a mass (meaning a whole bunch) production of the VTEC in america until 1994. The VTEC was offered in 93, but didnt become an easily attainable option until 94. But the VTEC was available in Japan as early as 1992. I dont think there is a difference in the parts as long as it is for the h22a.

Oh and usdm and jdm parts are interchangeable in the h22a...the only difference in the 10.6:1 compression (which in turn pumps it up 10 HP).
yay i got something right again...GO REIKO

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hmm.... i'm getting a half cut for 2600 thatz with EVERYTHING including gauge cluster, steering wheel, jdm one piece headlights... and of course motor :)
Originally posted by iwubmybb4@May 5 2005, 04:02 PM
hmm.... i'm getting a half cut for 2600 thatz with EVERYTHING including gauge cluster, steering wheel, jdm one piece headlights... and of course motor :)
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by the way
now that i have the money and stuff and ive been dying to get this motor for the past 20yrs...my friends are all telling me that with this money i can hook up the f22 and make it faster than any h22

what should i do :worthy: