H22 Turbo Eg Hatch Pics And Dyno Video

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H22 turbo hatch pics and dyno video

we ran the 8.6 with out the turbowith just NOS and Falken Azenis ....
.....we just put the turbo on about a week ago ,along with the AEM management ..

haven't ran it much with the Turbo yet.....Although it is pretty sic on only 6 psi

still have to install greddy catch can, oil cooler, and competiton

engineering traction system....also the 2.5 to 2 inch exhaust is killing us....... so

we're going to fabricate a 3in down pipe and exhaust system....

more to come....................
personally i love it....i want to build an eg h22. its pretty nice butt he should get some slicks and see what his time is...that seems a little slow for that car. but i still love it!
saw your shit on honda-tech..lol.. i wanna pick your brain a little, of course that is if you dont mind..lol :p
92 Civic CX with full interior
15 inch Falken Azenis
92 H22
stock motor and tranny
Fluidyne Radiaor
ACT Clutch
Drag Manifold
Turbonetics Turbo
550 RC injecotrs

167whp was without turbo or nos on a stock 92 H22....

the first dyno with the turbo was to make sure our set up is reliable for daily driving... basically to work out the bugs and kinks
.... that the AFR was correct ....also to make sure we tuned the AEM
EMS properly...

we are not in a hurry trying to break any kind of records...or the car....we're taking our time doing everything right the first time around.....

so, no doubt we have a lot of hp to gain in tuning

213whp was produced on super super safe timing and boost
(very conservative tune)

And now that we know our set up is SAFE and RELIABLE on our next dyno run
we will gain well over 20 horsepower just in timing
we are also going to upgrade the exhaust to 3 in since we have
crappy 2 inch now...
and not to mention we are going to turn the boost up to say like 8- 11 psi
I will post a video of our next dyno run soon
I can't wait. I just love hearing tuned engines purr. That EG sleeper is very very nice, if you really want to make it a little more "sleeper'ish", maybe you should think of a removable black grill that doesn't screw your airflow but helps conceal the intercooler. I'm not saying that is doesn't look good or anything, I'm just saying that intercooler would scare the piss out of me if we lined up.
Black panty hose over your intercooler. Or, install a ex front grill insert thingy, it's got those like grill things across it, makes it harder to see in.