H22a From A 93 Vtec Prelude $1500 30k Miles

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I have for sale AN EXCELLENT SUPER CLEAN HONDA PRELUDE H22A ENGINE WITH TRANSMISSION AND SHIFTER AND LINKAGE. THIS ENGINE ONLY HAS 30K ACTUAL MILES ON IT, VERY CLEAN AS YOU CAN SEE IN THE PICTURES, YOU GET ALL THE ACCESSORIES, INTAKE MANIFOLD, EXHAUST MANIFOLD, ALTERNATOR, COMPRESSOR, FLYWHEEL , ETC, ETC, THIS ENGINE ALSO HAS THE JDM JAPAN TAGS ON THE MOTOR, IF YOU NEED POWER IN YOUR ACURA/HONDA THIS IS A BEAST , HERE ARE THE SPECS BELOW: H22A . Displacement (cc): 2157 Power (bhp@rpm): 200@7200 Torque (ft/lbs@rpm): 163@6500 Compression Ratio: 10.6:1 Bore (mm): 87 Stroke (mm): 90.7 Cam Design: dohc VTEC: yes OBD: 1 Year(s) Produced: 1993-1996 In the following car(s): Honda Prelude VTEC BUY IT NOW IS ONLY $1500.00 FOR EVERYTHING, SHIPPING IS $300-$450 IN THE CONTINENTAL US call if interested 864.202.3709 I accept paypal as well
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Looks like a manual to me.Never seen an auto w/ a shift fork.
ok so is this h22 an auto or a five speed because if it is a 5 speed with tranny and all i would buy the motor so please get back to me as soon as possible thank you
could someone get back to me on this like preferrably the sller because i wouldlike to buy this engine so it would be great to be able to get some info on it thanks
LMFAO a shift fork? the tranny isnt in a million pieces, thats the piece that pushes up against the throwout bearing that pushes against the pressure plate, shift fork... LMFAO i thought you drove a 7 second car??? right, :bs: a shift fork is INSIDE the tranny, it slides the synchro slider down onto the gear to engage that gear... i knew you were full of shit :lol: