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Can anyone tell me the main difference between the both of these engines, h22a h22a4. Also can anyone tell me what the best transmission that will work with a 97 h22a4. thanks


WRX Sellout
H22A4 is the USDM Prelude engine. 190-195 hp and 154-157 ft-lbs depending on year.
H22A is the JDM Prelude engine. 200hp and 161 ft-lbs of torque.

What are your plans for the H22? Boost, get yourself an H23 tranny. N/A, get an H22 tranny.


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a h22a1 motor has a obd1 as the h22a4 has the obd2 which is the biggest pain in the butt. But you can buy mods to work around it and convert it to a obd1 also.


also, the H22a has a closed deck---which is great for lots of boost.
you should base your decision on the OBDI or II factor though, cause it will cause you the most headache if you buy the wrong swap.