H22a Into 6th Gen Civic Q's

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i got some questions here i need some help with. I have been looking into a b18c1 swap for my car (97ex coupe) for a while and was my original idea to swap to, but an untimely event (2 spun bearings) has caused me to look for new fixes. i was searching for some cheap motor swaps..and i checked out the h22a's b/c i noticed the prices of that swapkit was about 1grand lower than a b18c1. being as how i really need my car fixed now...1 grand cheaper and a lil more powerful motor...didn't seem like a bad idea at all. my only problem is...i cant find very helpful answers on this swap. what i do know so far that is my biggest concern is the extra wieght of the h22a vs my stock motor. i've read that the h22a is around 85lbs heavier than a b18 motor. i would like to know if there is anything i could do to correct the wieght problem with handling....like springs off of another modle car (if applicable) or some sort of aftermarket springs would help. i also need to know on a scale of 1-10....10 being most difficult....how hard of a swap this is to do b/c i'd probably be doing it myself to save on labor costs. aslo...i'd need to know about shift linkage,axles and everything related to that with the right sizes to make this work. thanks for your time guys with this..and if there is anything else u think i should know that i didn't mention... by all means tell me.
Weight issue:
to fix the weight issue.. you can get springs with higher spring weights.

you need to change your shifter to a cable shifter. So you need the cables and the shifter off a prelude.

Depending on what mount kit you use. You can use 90 Accord Intermediate Shaft w/ 90-93 Integra Axles
Go to www.driveshaftshop.com and get some custom axles.

Difficulty of the swap:
I have no idea how mechanically inclined you are, this answer depends on you.

Stuff you havent mentioned:
Its not a direct bolt in. You need aftermarket mounts, to make this a bolt on thing. i recommend hasport. but i dont know if they have made them for your car yet.
I've been doing a lot of research on the H22 swap into my 95 coupe and at first I was thinking about doing the swap my self but the fact that it's not a bolt on made me change my mind. Paragus is right on the money. You're going to have to make a lot of changes to make it work correctly. He's also right about the fact that there is no mounting kit for your car, at least I haven't heard of one. I would do some research and see if the mounting kit that HAsport makes for 92-95 civics will work for your car, just a suggestion. Good luck on your project and I hope everything works out ok.
thanks paragus for the info. yah i know this isn't a direct bolt-in swap...that's why i kinda steered away from it at first......i did check out hasport some time ago (sorry didn't mention that before) and they do make a kit for my car. based on hasports mounts....would i use the accord/integra axles or have custom axles made? also...do u happen to know of any place i might be able to find higher rated springs at? all i seem to come across is lowering springs and coil-overs. also...(forgot to mention as well) what do u know about the wiring harness? as far as mechanically inclined ...i can say this would definatly be a first for this major of a thing to deal with. i have a pretty good knowledge of basic mechanics...and i got 2 friends of mine that are mechanics for a local shop. thanks agian
whenever hasport comes out with them.. they will tell ya what axles combo works. Which will more than likely be the accord/integra combo. If you are ready and got all your money and dont want to wait for hasport mounts. HCP makes mounts for your car. www.hcpengineering.com. and with that kit you use the accord/integra combo. Coilovers should do the trick.. thats what im doing.. i got ground control w/ tokico shocks and im just going to raise it up a little bit after the swap. ahhh and the mysterious wiring..lol. ill get back to you with that.. i wanna upload some pics of wiring. ive been wanting to do it for a while.. sooo the mechanics part of it all.. well IMO the actual mechanics part isnt hard.. its just the wiring thats a pain.
hey thankz agian for everything...big help. i'll probably be waitin on the hasport mounts....dont have all the money just yet to do it unfortunaly. i have R1 coil-overs on my car now....u think those would work...(with new shocks) or change to a differnt band? yah.. plz let me know when u get all the wiring fun figured out. later
i got the wiring figured out.. i just wanted to upload the pics..lol. heres the link..

look at it.. print it out.. save it.. whatever you got to do... study it first, then ask me questions, if you have any. Its a little overwhelming at first, but its really not that bad.

BTW: all this info was taken from the web, you just gotta look for it.

EDIT: you arent going to be able to use some of the info because you got a 6th gen civic. which is obd2, and the civic info is for a obd1 civic.