H22a Into A 92-95 4 Door Civic

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i was leaning towards getting a hatch, but i had one with a b18b so i want something different.. plus, a lot of people that i know hate hatchbacks because they seem like half cars.. watever that means.. anyway, to the point. does the 4 door civics have more engine bay room than a hatch or is it the exact same? and what kind of times to except with an H22A? and anyone knows of a h22a swap with p/s and a/c? hexen told me to check out HASport, they say a/c but dont mention p/s. i would like to keep both.. thanks a lot guys.
Same engine bay...

The HASport site used to claim that their site did keep AC and PS... or maybe I'm remembering wrong. That was one or two site designs ago. If you want to keep AC though, I think HCP makes a mount for the compressor. One of my friends used the HCP bracket on his 6G hatch, and he was able to keep both AC and PS with no problems. He did the swap in his garage too. HCP just might make one for the 5G, or you might be able to adapt the 6G bracket to fit.

Good luck.
word, good luck on your project.
civic 4 doors = sleepers

hmmm what times to expect?

anywhere from 13.2 - to 1 minute!! seriously though we cant predict anything of the sort coming from quarter times, 60ft times, trap speed etc etc... there are alot f factors you will need to think about... but an honest guestimation from me... stock prelude motor [basic bolt ons] on race gas and slicks with good drag suspension.... i'd say 13.8

like i said though guesstimation
im going the h22 crx route just becase there like none around and the ones that are around are straight drag mine is going to be a street car and im already working on it but its crazy i have a long way to go......