h22a into Integra LS

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I'm interested in swapping an h22a into a 1992 Integra LS Shell. The shell
was stripped of its engine, tranny, and seats to be put into a Civic
Shell (The back seats were removed just to lighten the car). I was wondering as to what all I would need to do a complete h22a swap. All
I'd need would be the Axles, Shift Linkage, and custom mounts, right? I'm purchasing the engine, transmission, and the VTEC ecu all as one package. I appreciate any kind of help. Post or e-mail me at TrueStifmeister@comcast.net
What I am saying is that I don't think the crank pulley will clear. You will probably have to pound out the driver side some. You will need more than one custom mount, they will all have to be custom. The point is this swap it really not worth the money/time/effort, do a CRVTEC or a boosted B20.
He won't have up the cost too much from a CRVTEC to an H22 swap. It's worth it if he wants the extra two-tenths of a liter displacement.
$300 for the HCP mounts, $300 for a custom axle, plus I need a new slim radiator fan, accord shift linkage, and I'm not doin the swap my mechanic is and it worth the money/time/effort if you know what you are doing. I think if I the place racing mounts it doesnt sit as close to the driver side, so its not a problem....
I think you've pretty much got it. There will most likely be broken/corroded/banged-up parts on the engine that will have to be replaced. My H22 had a busted MAP sensor and distibutor rotor, and when I took apart my transmission when I upgraded my clutch and fly, the stock clutch and flywheel were rusted to hell from sitting in a dock in Japan. But if your mechanic is doing it, he'll be able to diagnose all those problems on the fly. I'm sure some wiring issues will come up too, I used my Accord harness and had to do some really minor rewiring.

I don't know of any people on this board with the H22->Teg swap, hence the lack of info. You could try
for some more info. Good luck with the swap.