H22a Overbore And Stroke?

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I have seen kits that will overbore a 2.2 litre to 2.5. I have also seen stroker kits that take the 2.2 to 2.4(? size)
What I would like to know is could you combine the two with custom pistons and have something like a 2.7?
its a lot of work
its a lot of money
its not very reliable
it kills hondas engineering- you are now using xyz co's engineering
your walls are very thin at that bore
your r/s ratio sucks at that stroke

but fuckin A=-- stephan papadakis ran a 2.7 h22, why can't we? =)

oh yeah, his was free and re-built by aem every other day
hmmmm i wonder, does steph rely on AEM to rebuild his motors or does he contract outside work? hmmmm imma give a call to my buddy henry at AEM and find out... :evil laugh:

oh and to answer your question machine, im not sure exactly if you were to combine the two it would make 2.7... but hey you'll never know til someone actually tries it, if you got money then go for it and let us know :)