h22a vs b18c5

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Well my HS brothers the time has come..kinda. I thought i had my mind set on a b18c5 (ITR motor).. but i was scamming through and found a h22a swap for $2,000. And i can do this.. as in buy that bitch this weekend..etc. OR i keep saving for the ITR. i was just curious to what some of you think, or what would some of you do. By the way its going into a 93 hatch..
I've heard that h22's in eg hatches are sick!!! It'd be fast as hell...blah blah blah...I'm sure you've already read up on the installation and handling, pros and cons, and what not...so it basically boils down to being ballsy enough to spend the $$$. If you're just looking for somebody to back you up, I say go ahead and do it. The ITR is definately nice, but so is its price tag. Although you'll definately be out more than the original $2000 by the time you get a mount kit and misc. parts, you'll still be way below the sticker of the c5. IMO, if you're just planning on running around on the streets, I think an h22 would work out well if done right.
I would go with an h22 swap. i kinda regret not getting an h22 instead of b16. b18c5 wouldn't be worth all that money just go with b18c or something else and you would get more power for the money. well either way you go you have a respectable motor. :D
if your not thinking of doing any type of autoX / road course racing an H22A will be great for you... the issues with handling for the most part can be adjusted for with proper suspension upgrades ... for a street car / weekend drag car get the H22A you will not be disapointed
If you think you have the time, money and knowledge, the H22 in a hatch would be sick. If you really want a B-series, you'd probably be better off getting a GSR engine instead of an ITR like egsir said. A lot smaller of a price tag, with near the performance of the ITR.
i asked for proof that the motor isnt stolen.. he says hes got a recipt from where he bought it.. so i made a offer.. im just waiting on the email.. if everything goes through, ill get it some time next week :D
dont forget + $500 for a mount kit, +$ for other random peices like axels and stuff
yea i didnt forget about those...blah.. the guy sold it before i could get it anyways....sometimes emailing can be so slow :(
Hey, what's up peoples. I'm new to this forum and looking forward to replying to other topics in the future. Anyway, about this topic. If you were going to go for drag, go for the h22, can't go wrong with it's displacement. sol was right about getting axles and stuff like that. I would'nt go itr because you can get a gsr for way cheaper than an itr, build it and woop any itr anyday. I would go h22 if i were you for all that mad torque for the streets. Regardless you will have a fast car in your lil' eg...! ;)
Originally posted by ekPhred@Nov 11 2002, 04:27 PM
......you can get a gsr for way cheaper than an itr, build it and woop any itr anyday.

hell no... people act like the ITR engine is the end point... its not... there is still plenty of work that can be done to the ITR engine... and your starting out with a better platform... higher CR ... better gears... better intake... better head... better TB... better valvetrain... 4-1 headder... light weight flywheel... LSD... now you can get the GSR engine and dump $2k into it and bring i to the cost of a ITR engine... but i guarantee if you put that same $2k into the ITR engine you will walk all over the GSR... the starting point is better anything you do to it will be more effective because your already farther along on tweeking the engine out... yeah the ITR costs more... theres a reason for it ... its better... and in the end with equal work done it always will be
yes, i must agree that it is true if you put the same amount of money into either the gsr or itr, then the itr will woop on a gsr. But, I was just reacting to him talking about spending 2k on a h22, I'm just saying that if you have just simply 5k or so to spend, i would've went b18c and use the rest to hop up the engine, I was just thinking about how deep the wallet is... my bad
h22 would be nice. one of my friends has one and snapped both his axles on a drag launch then he bought race ones and hasnt had problems since :)
imo screw itr engines they are way over priced yes it sounds cool to say yeah i have an engine from a type r but shit for the money you could boost a b16 and eat itr's for dinner
in a drag- yes- on a roadcourse, ITR will own a turbo honda... too much heat for too long
right but he i planning on draggin it if he is considering a h22 just trying to get him to second guess himself like we all do when it is time to pick and engine