H23 VTEC BRAZIL - Block h23/Head H22- Starting NOW!

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Im Paolo Calicchio, I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I love Hondas!
I've had Eg9, EG6 B16a2, EJ1 b16a3 and now I'm trying to project a more "exclusive", at least here in Brazil. H23 VTEC! I have a Prelude H23A1, a car is not very common here in Brazil, Prelude h22 must have existed at most 10 units here, so a complete H22 engine is very expensive, can cost up to $ 10,000.
My friend was traveling to the United States and brought me a full head h22 (head, intake Maniflold, cams, injectors etc ...) and the little I can understand the topics in this forum, missing a few parts like water pumps, oil pump, pulleys, ECU and other.
I'm thinking of a HONDATA for ECU, cams, cam gear pulley, intake, Skunk 2 all, I think it offers a good cost x benefit.

I created this topic so that you can help me, I do not speak English very well researched on this forum h23vtec and understood little, I saw a lot of speculation, I hope to learn a lot from you! If you have someone who has done this swap, please help me, I started the project and will finish it! = D

From what I understand until now researching here in this forum, first I need these parts, right?

h22 cams seals and valve cover gasket is recommend
as well as h23 crank seal since everything is off
h22 water pump (vtec has more teeth)
h22 waterpipe
h22 thermostat housing
h22 head gasket
h22 crank gear (vtec has more teeth)
h22 timing belt (vtec has more teeth)
h22 head studs (h23 studs are shorter, I recommend ARP head studs)
h22 spark plug wires (h23 spark plug wires are shorter)
U also need to run a vtec wire through your harness (I'm using a AFC to control my vtec, so that way u dnt need a h22 ECU)
H22 headers, h22 exahust manifold gasket (h23 doesn't line up)
And with a 10mm bolt get the oil restrictor out (its in the middle/back of the block)
h22 distributor
h22 complete head (vtec solenoid, intake manifold, cams, cams gears, injectors, and throttle body, make sure it has all the sensors)
*I'm not sure if the h23 manifold fits on the h22 head since I had an h22 manifold i just throw that on
*be sure to torque all the bolts on the head
*If your h23 distributor had an external coil and your h22 distributor has an internal coil, your going to have to run switch a couple of wires of the harness plugs
*And also lube the cams while your putting them on
*Also I recommend to resurface the h22 head and make sure that the h23 block surface is clean and oil free as well as the h22 head bottom surface (dnt touch at all this surfaces once they are clean) u can clean it really good with carburetor cleaner
*be careful with the balancers (take off a 12mm bolt on the back of the block by the back balancer and put a "

This week I'll take pictures and list all the parts I already have.

I'm sorry for my english, I'm a bit of trouble and sometimes use a translator.
I count on your help! Thank you!


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Looks like it will be a great build.

Seeing that you're from Brazil, you've gotta be a fight fan, right? I mean your guys are kicking ass in the UFC and the rest of the MMA world as well and Anderson Silva is the best of all time.