H2B ECU, Harness, and sensors

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Hey there,

I'm currently in the write up/research phase for my 2000 EJ8 H2B swap and I had some questions regarding the H22A.

Currently my car is running the 3 Stage VTEC JDM D15B on the stock D16Y8 ECU. My plan is to mount a Euro-R H22A to either a GSR or ITR transmission with 4.7 FD LSD gears. The conversion kit I'm interested in is the plateless Brough Performance EK kit. What I was planning on doing was running the H2B as N/A first then switching over to turbo once I get the feel for it.

My main question is whether or not I should switch from OBD2 to OBD1 and if I should use the harness I'll get from the H22A when I buy it or if I should just use my D15B harness. Whether or not, I'll have to rewire whichever for OBD1 if I go that route. If I do go OBD1, which ECU should I use? Is there any benefits to hooking up the IAB or knock sensor? Or should I just get a Skunk2 manifold or any manifold that doesn't have the EGR or IAB in it and just run a chipped P28 with the H22 maps? My goal is to have at least 300HP after I'm turbo'd.

Also, I've been told that I'd have to reinforce my engine bay or else the swaps gonna tear it apart. Is this true? or is good aftermarket b mounts, axles, etc. good enough to withstand the weight, torque, and power?

Still have a lot to think through and any suggestive feedback is greatly appreciated.

I think I got a 96 (told it was 98) metro outfit (no A7/egr/organization) so im going to get a 97-98 saddle - once more. Im attempting to make sense of this merchant thing. my saddle 96 dx has a 8 pin wholesaler and the merchant I have (obd2) has a 4 wire and 2 wire plug. I think I am missing something. on the h22a4 bridle is there 3 fittings (force, dist, and curl) or is it one attachment to dist (power) at that point a jumper from loop to dist. I think rywire makes a jumper saddle however there's 2 fittings for dist and 1 attachment for ckp/tdc sensor yet no electrical attachment for ext curl I have 4 fitting spots (incl ckp sensor) and the conv tackle just has 3 attachments. In the event that somebody had obd2 introduction how is your loop and dist snared. In pics it would appear that every one of the 3 fittings (dist and ext loop) are on the tackle (if there is a jumper than there would be a bad situation for the 4 wire plug on rywire bridle). I'm going to call them in a piece. Any assistance would be valued OR on the off chance that somebody has a h22 community swap outfit they'd part with .
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