Happy 18th Birthday

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Originally posted by 92CivicCx@Oct 11 2002, 01:55 PM
depending where you live! but do it any ways

Uhh... New Orleans? That's about the only place.. in the US that is.
seriously, INVITE MY ASS!

I bet i could knock a good portion out of one of them myself...

although, i haven't drank in a while... but back in the day... man.... 30 packs were common... and the record sits for my old house at 44 Bud Ice cans for me, 43 for my roomate. 10pm-8am of solid drinking.... me playing guitar, my roomie playing bass. it was fucking great. I was so drunk that i was getting more sober by drinking more :)
Ahh...I can't even tell u all how hot it got over here last night!!!! Cashed all 8 of em by 1am. Ahhh....so many hoes...its almost noon and theres still people passed out in the living room and yard.
Yeah...made a couple of buddies...set up some auto-x ...hopefully we'll do it all over again soon...more beer, more hoes, and minus the po-lice!!!