Happy B-day Prolwer

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18 y0

go buy cig's, cigars, porn, and lotto tickets

woah 18, I didn't know you were only 17. thats crazy. Anyhoo, Happy Birthday and win the big lottery and buy us all a part for our cars :)
Happy b-day Nate. That check you will get in the next week, give or take (remember, oklahoma mail is slower than a snail) can be my b-day gift to you also!
So I don't have to send out the RAM? lol, j/k

Not much happened today. Family took me to dinner, right now I'm drinking a Corona and chilling to some music. It was such a busy week I just needed some time to relax.

Now I have to sign up for selective services. You can do that online, right?

The only benefits I get out of being 18 is: test driving cars, renting cars, buying dry ice, drinking in Canada and Mexico, legally get married, and sign contracts. Everything else isn't important to me (cigs, gambling, porno).

I don't celebrate birthdays, so it's just another day. Although I did get a crap load more legal freedoms =)