Happy Birthday

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5 members are celebrating their birthday today
wildbillhatchbac(25), Smonkeyboy(20), djdominos(21), Mighty(37), B18bEK(21)

:beer: :bday:


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w00t w00t, only 364 more days till i can get drunk legally.

my B-day was pretty chill, worked, went to Tony Romas for freakin amazing ribs. then got my presents.....

made out ok.

Forza Motorsport
South Park Season 5
Craftsman 10pc screwdriver set
Craftsman 3pc Plyers Set
Magic Bullet Blender <-- ive wanted this since before christmas

thats it so far, but my extended family is doin a party for all our May b-days next weekend, so ill get some more stuff then.