Happy Birthday

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Jeff has turned the ripe ol' age of 23.

His day will consist of beer, and strippers, and then having blue balls until he goes home and kills a kitten!


Happy Birthday dood!
Thanks dood. Well hopefully in there I will find someway to go get my fucking car.
happy b-day.
and 23 ain't so bad, hell I'm lookin at 26 soon
If you guys are goin out to a bar or something give me a ring.
and if you hit up the strip bar guys give me a call.
happy birthday mang ... have a good one :D
Today has been a pretty good day so far, hell of a lot better day than yesterday ( not getting my car registered, not being able to take it home, and then finding a 2-3 inch crack in the windshield of my new truck). I almost spent a lot of money at the redneck fest, I mean fishing and hunting show.

Anyways if any CT guys are bored, go to the gold club in Hartford after 10.
:( i was out all day and didn't see your message till i had to go to work. sorry y0

happy b-day