Happy new year! 2021 in review

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I've gotten lazy in writing the year end review and 2021 is no different. :)

Not much has happened.

Covid sucks.
The world is a shit show
Betty White died.
Honda still hasn't made a car worth buying since 2002.

2022 marks our 20 year anniversary. ECDS was up in '00 and eventually became this site.

A lot has changed. We were kids. Now we have kids.

It's wild to think I've "known" many of you for 20 years. I wanted to plan a meet for a weekend but covid put that idea to rest. Maybe 25th.

Anyway, best wishes to you and yours in '22.

Can't lose with 22s, that's what's up :)

Happy New Years everyone. B how was your first Xmas with a baby? Been a long time since I had little people but I had 5 kids under the age of 7 at my house Xmas Eve. Including (3) 3 year olds.

Holy fuck was that chaos. It took all of Christmas day for the dogs and I to recover.
uneventful :D the boy is only 7 months old so he doesn't really get it yet. Santa got him a bunch of toys, clothes, and my gift to him was a helmet and trailer for the bikes.
Amazon product ASIN B010LLGWKE
can't wait to tow his ass around the rail-to-trail path that bisects my street.

We kept it pretty low key this year due to covid kicking ass again. Seems like half my friends list is down and out right now. My mom is sick too... no idea if it's covid cuz you can't even find a place to test without waiting in line for a day, so f that.

we're good through... we saw my parents first for breakfast xmass eve and then left before anyone else got there (on purpose). Gotta keep the boy safe.
Happy New Year all! Hope this year is less up and down and all up.

So far up and down for me.

Started looking for bigger digs. Wife is fully on board and working it.

And today slipped and caught my big toe and stepped ON it. It's swollen, purple and so is my foot and hurts real good. Can move around okay but it's not right....
Happy New Year, everyone! I've actually been laying low the past few weeks. Got covid which unfortunately caused me to miss Xmas with the fam, but we celebrated this weekend. I did end up taking that new job, so that's where I'm at currently. Going well so far. Hoping to do a lot of projects around the house this year and finally get my RSX all put together (and start an official project car thread for it). We'll see how that goes...
nothing stopping you from coming up to TSMP. it's outdoors. ;)