Harmonic Balancer

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can i use the harmonic balancer from my 92 cx engine and put it on my 95 ls engine. also when i swap what parts can i tkae off the cx moter and use with the ls moter, ex. air cleaner, alternator, distributer? thanks


New Member
the dist. definately wont work.. are you talking about the crank pulley? i wasn't aware of a separate "harmonic balancer"
i think the alternator will bolt up, but i'm not 100%

you can probably rig in the stock airbox if you need to


Senior Member
You could almost definately score an LS pulley from a dealership for free, go ask. At any given time they will have a pile of blown motors out back. For example my local Acura dealership has 3 blown B18B's that they said I can have, just to get them the fuck out of there.