harsh ride question

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i have eibach sportlines and kyb non-adjustables with 13" steel wheels on an 89 rex.

It feels like my suspension is too harsh. the springs have about 20k on them, the rear struts are brand new, and the front shocks are old, but still seem fine. i checked them by pressing down on the bumper and rocking it.

the ride is so harsh that its scary to go over 80 on the freeways. the freeways here are all bumpy and pebbley...(though i dont feel it in my parent's suv)

so will upgrading to poly bushings help or any other suggestions/ideas? or is that just the price i pay for having great handling?
The bushings will make it even less forgiving on the street! You should get the adjustable shocks. This way you can tune them in with your spring rate. Thats why ill never own non adj. shocks!
actually, now that i have checked and adjusted my tire pressures, the ride is alot better...maybe even close to stock? i know, im a moron for not checking those pressures ;) i adjusted them to 32psi (factory spec). they were at 35-36psi.

regarding the bushings...i thought they would be more pliant/squishier than the originals. i figure the originals are hard and crusty by now since they have been in the car since 1989.
The stock bushings in your car are pretty soft rubber. I did bushings on an 89 hatch this past summer and the bushing were cracked and squishy as all hell. The new energy bushings were solid as a rock. They had to be bribed a little to slide in(extremely large vise and 0ne other person helping me twist the vice handle). Wish I had a pipe to put on the end of the handle to get more leverage! Oh we had to use some punches and chissels to get the old bushings out since they decided to become one with the metal!
i know...if i hadnt spent over $1k on a cat-back, new rack, rotors, starter, main relay, etc. in the last 6 weeks my rex would have some new "shoes" by now. :(

i am thinking of taking advantage of a deal from discount tire center: 14" konig divas (11.9lbs) with 185/60s for only $450. hopefully the sale will still be on in a month or so.
:werd: if you get those youll just be buying another set in a few months cuz you wont like em ... and theres no way your gunna sell a set of 14s to anyone for more than 100 .... not worth it ... do it right the first time
whats the matter with those wheels? do konigs just suck or something? i thought 11.9lbs was pretty light for 14in...without costing alot. my 13in steelies prolly weight 16lbs or so.

i dont really want 15's cause i only have a dx and manual steering. i want a B16 but dammit my D15 just runs too good to throw it away.
konigs do kinda suck ... 11.9 isnt too heavy and the price is ok ... 13" steelies weigh 16lbs .. so yes they are lighter ... but you will still have hella sidewall and that sucks for handling... good if you like to take your CRX off road or run rallycross with it though :) im not sure about getting good performance tires in 14" sizes either ... i personally would save up for a nice 15" but its not my call