head swap questions

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I am trying to do a head swap on my freinds Del Sol (d15b7) head and intake off of my old d16z6. We have the head on and I have wired up the vtec and pressure switch. The only things I am running into is that the way that the coolant lines run is slightly different different. The d15 block has two outlets from the pipe behind the block coming from the water pump where the d16 didn't. The d15 intake also had an extra inlet that the d16 one doesn't. Has anyone had experience with this swap? If so please let me know. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the reply. That didn't help me out much, though. I already removed the oil contol jet and have the head on, though. My problem is that the way the coolant lines are on the two engines are slightly different.
just run the hoses to where they have to go. .. . if you have to splice them together or split them off, then do it. I can't really understand what hoses you are talking about.
i just did the exact same swap ... i had no issues with missing or extra lines ... did you hook it all back up right???
What I was talking about is the bypass hoses from the connecting point to he IAC, the fast idle thermo valve and the head. The hoses are routed slightly different between the two motors. The d15 also has an extra outlet on the connecting pipe on the driver's side that the d16 didn't. The d15 also had an inlet on the head that the d16 didn't. What I ended up doing was I plugged the outlet on the driver's side and ran the hoses how the d16 had it routed.