head swap

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i have a 95 civic D15B7 auto and already asked a question about swaping the tranny. i was wondering if its possible to swap a vtec head into my engine and if it would be worth it. thanks
ok, well i did some research about it, and i also found a guy selling a d16z6 vtec head complete with intake, 2000 si injectors and overbored throttle body. The engine its off of had 90k miles. he wants $275 plus shipping. i came upon some questions that i couldnt find the answer online or from e-mail support from companies.

my 1st question: is this a good deal?

2nd: this will fit my d15b7 right?

3rd: do i need a new ecu or will i just need something to engauge the vtec?

4th: i have already got dc sports 4-2-1 header for my dx will these same headers fit the new head?

5th: is there anything that im missing as far as parts that i will need? the only other thing im aware i will need is something to engauge the vtec.

im not planning on doing this myself just to let you know, thanks for any help to my questiosn you can give me.
1- sounds like a decent deal
2- yes
3- better off with a new ECU
4- should fit
5- there is an oil pressure valve thing on the block that needs to be removed and use the timing belt for a D16Z6... if you can get the harness for the D16Z6 do it ... or just add the wires... and if you want you can use the D16Y8 head gasket and get an 11.1:1 CR
The only thing I'd be concerned with on the header issue is the length of the secondary pipe. While the bolt patterns may line up on the head, some cutting and welding of the exhaust may be necessary to fit it to the header due to the slightly larger size of VTEC heads.
thanks a lot for the help. as far as getting a new ecu i would just need a ecu from that d16z6 si/ex right? and what harness are you talking about? for the vtec? how would i benefit from an 11.1:1 compression ratio with the y8 gasket? whats the compression ratio with the d16z6 head?