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I figure this has been addressed, but ive got a friend that swears that my stock gsr headers will work on his JDM b16a?...I just let him use them?...im thinking they wont work, since i know that the IM's are not compatible and the part numbers are different at DC sports. Should i expect the headers back sometime soon, or am i wrong here?
it will fit. to the best of my knowledge, the IM is different, but the exhaust bolt patterns are not.
some one correct me if im wrong...
i think the reason there are 2 part numbers from DC for the header is the GSR header is longer, because the block is taller.. so yes, the gsr header should fit on the b16, and have room to spare :)
hmmm..aight guys, thanks alot. Kinda weird that the IM is different but the headers patterns are the same. I guess thats cars tho.