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power hungry
ok so i have been shopping for a new header and have had bad experiences before with exhaust parts not fitting well. i have a nice T1R 2.5" cat-back and test-pipe that i want to bolt on when i get my new header. So the thing is that im looking for a header that will fit right and make good power. I want to know if anyones had some personal experiences with different types, and tell me how they fit, perform, etc.

i have really been eyeballing the KiddRacing/Private Label narrow header... im not sure if the 2 are the exact same or not ,but anyways they are a short primary 4-1 style header. anyone have one of these?

oh yeah... this is to go on a b20vtec with a JRSC
The kamikaze I have gave great gains. Unfortunately it is a little shorter than stock, so I had to lengthen the catback 5-6". Another issue is that there wasn't an o2 bung in the header. Lucky my test pipe has 2 ports (one for o2, one for wideband). The gains are awesome, and you can't beat the price.

Check out my build thread for the header installation.
i have read about the kamikaze... and yeah the gains are great for the price, but i dont want to have to modify anything. im willing to pay more if need be, i just want something nice that will fit well.
anyone else? what kind of header do you have and did it bolt right up?

i wish i could find someone who has bought one of these private label headers to give me their personal experience...
the narrow style replica header fits nice. bolted right up to my exhaust. the build quality appears to be excellent, its really a nice looking part.

there were a couple things that were a pita, however. the slip joint where you put the two pieces together was a bitch. i had to use a dremel to smooth down the inside of the lip to get them to start sliding together. and then i couldnt get it to slide down very far at all so i had to heat it with a torch and gently tap it down. i mean it wasnt really a big deal, but it could have been easier.

also the o2 bung is not exactly in an ideal spot... the wires dont quite reach.


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