Hello Y'all, and the 94 Accord says hi too

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I am new to this thread, but not new to cars. I really dig my jet black 94 accord ex sedan vtec F22b, maybe I am maturing gracefully. So I wanted to ask about a couple of things.

First off, we are at 129K before the odometer froze on me 3 weeks ago. I am not too concerned, as the car and I will be spending the rest of it's life together, and I read a TSB on the gauge internals having to be replaced. Maybe when I redo the interior, after the engine mods of course ;), I will get new gauges. First order of business is the timing belt, as the b*---, I mean, nice young girl who wrecked the hood from which the car was purchased, hadn't replaced it. Also, water pump, and will do a valve adjustment next.

After that, I wasn't sure quite where to go. I am seeking raw power, keeping in mind this to be an everday driver. I have read alot about swapping to an h22, but I would rather sink a little money into the f22. Was thinking K&N filter kit, exhaust, then onto pnp, injectors, and eventually turbo.

Any ideas for a noob?
Thanks in advance
Is your car a 5 spd? I would suggest a turbo kit, as many others will. If you want performance now, I would suggest a cai, header, high flow cat, full exhaust. I am running full stainless 2.25 (I personally like the sound of the stainless) and maybe some cams. I've heard on naturally aspirated cars, if you run bigger than 2.5 in, your losing power. Good luck with the project whichever way you go!!
I am sure i will probably catch some sh-t about it, but I really like the automatic. I have always driven five speeds, and I like being able to drink my coffee on the way to work. I am however considering a different type of tranny. Haven't even started on researching, but a tiptronic, or close ratio gearing, or higher stall converter, on the auto sounds pretty good. I am willing to frankenstein a little, if anyone has done something like that to an accord.

The exhaust, cams, header, all sound great, and the turbo is definitely on the list. With a high mileage car like this, is it worth doing a little more work with the engine first, before modding?
Personally, I'd advise against modding that engine, unless you're going to turbo it. I drove a VTEC 95 sedan, and I did a bunch of bolt-ons before swapping the H22. The mods were pretty worthless - maybe I picked up 10 hp from the stock 145? I dunno, but I spent way too much on that damn engine to begin with.

At a minimum, you could do the CAI, as it will swap over to an H22 if you decide to go that route. If you're turboing, however, your best bet is to just start planning for that right now.
Sounds like sound advice. Ya know, after digging around a little more about the h22, i guess it is not going to be much more work, at least I can put the thing together on the engine stand, and when it is finished move it over to the car (i gotta drive the thing, I don't like the cycle in the rain). I already found a 94 prelude wrecked from behind (sorta like my ex).

I do want to stay with the Auto, all of the articles i read deal with making it a 5 or 6 speed. Anyone make the switch and keep an automatic (of any kind)?
If you are intent on keeping your car an automatic then I would suggest at least switching to a Prelude automatic transmission, the one that goes with the H22 specifically. You can keep the Accord's automatic but it will bog down your new motor and not allow you to use it to its full potential.

Also, some of the JDM transmissions have LSDs as stock equipment, so if you could find one of those that would be even better.

To answer your questions though, yes, you can swap in an H22 or H23 and retain your original transmission. Most F and H series transmissions and motors are interchangeable, with the S2000 motor and tranny being the exception.
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