Helms vs Haynes vs Chilton...

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:werd: Helms is the only name you need to know


uhh, since Helms is what shops use...what do you think the answer is?


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i have a chilton.. the dude gave it to me with the car.. but im gonna get a helms.. from what all the HS ppl say its the shizzy.


i understand what you mean-- theres so much, that sometimes its hard to find what you are looking for- but once you find it, its good


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Definately. Everything you ever needs there tho. Just gotta find it.

Side note...Has everybody thats done swaps using helms went ahead and got another manual for the donor car? Assuming a D to B series swap? How necessary would it be?


i got the helms for my ls motor....

i had an old haynes lying aroudn for the car... so i figure im covered. but id say go with the motor if thats what you are doing, but it helps to have both... esp for wiring issues


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I'm a 'tard - got all three and I use all three. Chiltons good overview easy to find stuff not detailed. Hayes easy to find stuff more detailed. Helms the bible but difficult to find stuff. Got'em for the car and the engine but as I said I'm a 'tard!


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helms owns you, you could rebuild the whole damn car if you recieved it all in individual pieces :D


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PLEASE there shouldnt be any complaints about helms its not that hard to find stuff. If you use the art of liturature :) spelling< using the tabs its cake. $60 for one of those more then pays for itself 1000times over. no its not overated. Just think replacing somthing as simple as your brakes the book shows you how. You know how much shops charge for brakes right? well fiqure $25 for pads etc.. hour or less outta your time to repair. DONE. Last time i cheked shops charged like 200 plus hundred dollars to work on brakes. werd! :huh: