HELP! Can't get the rotors off a 4th gen prelude

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Hey everyone. I'm having a hell of a time getting the rotors off of a 4th gen prelude I am working on. I got those two devilish little screws out. What do I have to do next? The caliper is off, the screws are undone, but how do I get the rotor itself off. Please help!


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there might be four bolts holding it in on teh backside of teh rotor. that is how my accord was. you have to take out the cv half shaft to get to them though.


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i work at a mechanic shop. we do brakes all day long you just need to use a hammer to loosen it up. then it should some right off.


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You might also need an impact screw driver to get those suckers off.

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Those little Honda screws suck for sure lol! I've had 10-12 rotors end up being stuck while working on hondas, here's a little trick that has worked for me. The rotor should have four small screw holes in it (two hold the rotor on and two are empty). I always take a long screw (sorry, I wish I had a size and pitch for you. but I got them out of the "extras" bucket in the shop) thread them into the unused screw holes and 99% of the time it will back the rotor off very easily. Good luck B)


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had the same problem when puting on a new rotor. couldnt get the screws off. like someone said above get an impact screw driver. $20 from sears. one hit and the screws will be loosened. i stripped my screws trying to get them off. hit with a hammer and rubber mallet. got the impact screw driver and it came right off.


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are 4th gen preludes rotor over hub or hub over rotor...if it is the latter u gotta lot more work cut out for ya. if not then it should jsut pop right off



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