help...clutch slipping more with new slave cylinder

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ok huge problem. i went to autozone and asked a guy if my slave cylinder could be the reason why my clutch is slipping, and just wines down from high to low rpm's he said that is the problem after he came out and took a look at it. so i replaced the clutch slave cylinder and now the clutch grabs worse and when i race it i shift up and step on it, it just stays at the same rpm slipping untill the transmission gets to that rpm than goes up. its really bad ever since i replaced it, and since i replaced it (last night) every once in a while today (next morning) my check engine light will come on, then off really quick (flashes kind of) and its like she is going to stall out and than it works fine happend 4 times in a 15 min. drive on my back roads its a 91 accord with an h22...please help, need this car running good, daily driver and i drive a lot
Bleed it the lines out right??? How new is the clutch??? and what code is it flashing that could be trying to tell ya what the problem is... But I would say it mite have not been bled right or there is a clutch issue with ya ride.
i wish i could find out the comes on for a split second and then goes off, so i cant even check it. so i cant even pull over right away and check it cuz its off by i said not even a looking into a new clutch tho
Lord I hope you bled the lines by now. The only way you can fuck that job up is to not bleed the lines. In case you don't know what I am talking about, here's how you do it. Find the little bleeder nut on it. It is a 8mm nut with a hole in the center. Next, find your clutch master cylinder, it's right next to your brake master cylinder on your firewall (driver's side rear of the engine bay; round plastic container looks like Brakes Mater Cylinder only smaller). Make sure the fluid is topped off, then grab a buddy, family member, or neighbor. Have them get in the car and push the clutch to the floor and hold it there. Now, take your 8mm wrench/socket and open the bleeder valve til fluid comes out. Should only take a couple of turns tops. If nothing comes out, then it was definitely bad. Tighten it back snug, then say to friend "let up." Then have them depress and hold the pedal again. Open the valve, let fluid come out, then tighten it back snug. Then yell "leet up." I'm sure you see the pattern by now. Make sure every 2-5 cycles you check the fluid level at the master cylinder and top it off again. If you did not do this, I guarantee you that this is your problem. If you did do this, you did it wrong. You either let the master tank get low and suck in air, or you didn't bleed it enough times.