Help - LS Valve spring problems


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I am finally back to installing some left over b16 valve springs in my gf's LS and we came into a problem (or two). On a previous post it was mentioned that ITR springs would fit and on another post I was told that b16 intake and ITR intake springs were the same.

Problem 1:
-The LS keepers are larger that the b16 keepers and dont fit into the b16 retainers
-New keepers are $4.12 each and I need 32 of them

Problem 2:
-LS keepers are physically smaller in diameter than b16 keepers plus they don't have a proper second step for the inner springs (they are somewhat tapered on the step face

Suggestions? I had installed ITR valve springs in my civic (LS engine as well) but before had installed the engine in my hatch I got a really good deal on a full crower setup so I never ran the engine on those springs, I had used the ls retainers at that time without really examining them.

I am also a little concerned with the gap between the side of the spring and the wall of the head but it looks like it will clear.

Here are the original posts:


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i thought the LS valve springs were different than b16/b18c valve springs and would not work in an LS head?
Seems like there a lot of uncertainty with your setup...IMO just to be on the safe side put B16 keepers with the B16 retainers.
The ITR has dual valve springs for both the intake and exhaust sides of the head.
The B18c1 and B16a has only dual valve springs on the intake side and single valve springs on the exhaust side. Most B series parts are interchangeable.
I don't know what cams you are going to use, but if you are going to use more aggressive cams ITR is the way to go. As for the clearance with the spring and the wall of the head check a Helms manual for proper clearances.