Help Me Find A Crx Exhaust

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alrite here we go. i have a 90 crx and im looking for a good exhaust system. i want a good name brand (greddy stuff like that) im looking to spend 600 but i havent been able to find a good enough brand that i can trust.just hit me up with any xhuast sys for crx thanks
IMHO don't waste $600 on an exhaust. for about half the price you can build up a similiar exhaust setup.
First search arund your area for an exhaust shop that has a mandrel bender and will work with 302/304 Stainless Steel
Next find a muffler you'd like to use that suits you, hell possibly just buy a greddy muffler,
also find a resonator from what ever company that makes one you like.
Next choose the exhaust tip of your choice (a style you like)
Also you might wanna buy a high flow cat. something like a cat-co or similar about $50-60
Finally go to the muffler shop have em custom bend and weld everything together, results a much cheaper exhaust for the same shit your
gonna spend $600 on. Then after you've saved $300 put that into something else for your car.

I've got a 91 crx and I did something similar.
I bought a 2 1/4" in/out Maximum Flow Mufflers muffler $56
High Flow 2 1/4" cat $50
Stock 2 1/4" resonator $20
and had all the tubing mandrel bent and welded up $100
Total Cost $226

Final results saved myslef $374, and it sounds just a nice as any other high over priced system.

If I used SS which it don't matter to me if it is or not SS just last a little longer. woulda cost another $70-100 and I still woulda saved money.