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i have a 1990 crx with a zc already swapped, the guy did the swap all right, it runs and goes great. it still has the stock si transmission and its ready to go, it locked up on me today and my clutch is on its way out. i had the zc transmission all redone and its ready to go in. what do i need to get for a new clutch, and do i use the same axles?? is there anything else i need to change or just swap out the tranny and clutch?? please help!!!

so the car will be faster with the si or the zc tranny?? quarter mile. i was told the zc tranny will make the car quicker?? and i already have it all redone and shit, what mods do i need to put it in. im kind of on a budget here :p
.........ZC:.............. Si:
1st: 3.250.......... 3.250
2nd: 1.944......... 1.894
3rd: 1.346.......... 1.259
4th: 1.033............ .937
5th: .878.............. .771
final 3.888........ 4.250

ZC has a closer ratio and through the tranny is slightly lower gearing. If you are doing the daily driver thing and want an LSD, buy a ZC and leave it alone. The price with axles will be around what you'd spend on a Quaife.
If you wana have a sweet street/strip racer, put the Si final drive in the ZC.

From the hybrid site.
alright man im just gonna throw the zc in i think, i have it sitting in the trunk of the car and i just need to get it in. i need to get a new clutch mine sucks, the throw out bearing is going and its starting to slip. what do i get for a clutch?? and can i use the same axles that the si tranny uses?? thank you for your help pissedoffsol
If you get the zc tranny get the intermediate shafts. You will need get new axles if you use the zc tranny. For the axles go to they are familiar with the zc into a crx and can get you the right axle. I hope you have the intermediate shaft becuase they are expensive.
i don't think you understand dude, read the post. the Si trans is a faster goddamn transmission than the ZC in gears 1-3. i will do the math for you:

1st:12.61 13.81
2nd:7.56 8.05
3rd:5.23 5.35
4th:4.02 3.98
5th:3.41 3.28

as you can see, the ZC trans only gets a MINIMAL gearing gain in 4th and 5th gear. unless you are building a car for freeway racing (which is fucking gay), why would you want to go through the hassle of putting in a new trans that is not as good as the one you have? so that you can be hella tight and cruise on the freeway at 5k rpms?
oh alright the kid i got the trans from told me the zc would make the car quicker. thanks for clearing that up for me. i am just gonna pick up another si transmission so i dont have to spend any more money. thanks again for your help! oh i got a clutch for a 1990 crx si, and it is a pubic hair bigger than the one in the car now, and just barely misses the bolts to line up into the flywheel. did they give me the wrong one or do i have to order something different for the zc motor?

I just recently looked at this swap for my 89' civivc and I will tell you the Si tranny is better. If you can't find another Si tranny, I know it sounds stupid but you can use the pussy Dx tranny too. I know the gears arre like totally different from the Si but for people like me who have a hard time trying to find the Si trany it's the only way to go. Like someone said earlier the donor axles from the ZC tranny have to be present for you to use that tranny other wise can help and or it WILL get expensive. Good luck with the swap and keep me posted!
The dx has the same 1-5 gears but a different final ratio. I do not think that this applies to the sedan dx since I heard their ratios are different.
The sedan DX/LX has the same 1-5 ratios as the 5 speed hatches, but has a 4.058 final drive as compared to the hatches' 3.888. If you still want a nicely geared tranny but don't want to suffer as high rpms as the Si's 4.250 final drive, get the sedan tranny. It's a pretty nice middle ground.
hey i got the si trans for 100 plus shipping from a friend of mine who owns a performance shop. he got it from a junkyard who got about half of their property bought out by some huge company, so they are downsizing bigtime and getting rid of stuff for whatever they can get for it. thanks for all the help!
Damn where is this place located at? I need a spare D16Z6 w/ tranny!
Originally posted by djextremity@Oct 29 2002, 02:32 PM
That's weird..the sedan has a better geared tranny than the hatch..

Yup. So if I ever swap out my girlfriend's engine, she's keeping her stock tranny (88 LX sedan). I don't want to stick her with something as short as the Si transmission since she isn't racing, but it'll still be better for acceleration than the hatch.

I assume that Honda designed the sedan with a shorter final drive because the sedan is slightly heavier, and will be seeing MUCH higher loading than the hatch.
alright guys im stuck here. i got the old transmission out no problem, i cant get the new one in. i just can not get it back in. i had a guy who knows his shit about mechanics come down and he got under it and couldnt figure it out either. he said to pull the motor. what the hell?? help me out here
I'd say just put it back the same way you took it out..right? What's the problem? It's hard to tell with just "it won't go in," give us something to go on =]
I feel your pain... Did a JDM evo 3 motor in a 1st gen talon and the tranny was a bitch to get back on! You just gotta muscle the hell outta it bro! If it came out it will go back in! Try turning it and angleing it different ways!