Help Needed w/00 Civic

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Well, I guess I screwed up....I bought a 00 civic dx hb. Guess I should have read up a little more. The car is a dog. I have been reading that you can take the d16y7 and put a d16y8 head on it...."mini-me" setup right? However, every article/post/search I find says this is for (a different engine type combo) but it should work the same for my combo. Or better yet half these people just say "It has been posted or talked about a million times, Just search for "mini-me" Has anyone done this setup or know how to do it? or what I need to do it. I just seems so vague and difficult to find out. If anyone knows, your help would be greatly appreciated.
yes you can do this .... most of the info here is for putting the D16Z6 head on a D15** or D16**.... your car is OBD-2 so doing the D16Y8 will be easier for you... the process is the same just change D16Z6 to D16Y8... you will need the head, head gasket, timing belt, ecu, extra wires for VTEC, etc... the process is the same, just different parts