Help Please...kyb Agx How To?

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Senior Member
I installed a set of rear KYB AGX shocks w/ Ground Control coil overs (Eibach springs).

That was the easy part. I got them used and the adjustment knob is missing. I understand this happens alot.

Can anyone tell me how to adjust them? There is a small set screw in the top that I can press in and turn but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Thanks in advance for any assistance! :)
Does that small set screw feel like it's clicking as you turn it? Is it just the sticker that came off the top so you don't know what position is what?
the screw is very small and pushes in about 1/2 inch.

No, I don't feel any clicking and, no, there is no sticker.

Any ideas?
that's why I buy stuff with the credit card. I'll go by the speed shop that recommended I get that particular shock package tomorrow.

If they are broken, I'll dispute the charge and screw the guy I bought them from until he makes it right.