Help w/ buildup for B18C1 (gsr) into civic

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hey guys, just joined the forums and i'm lovin it.

anyways, i'm getting my gsr motor installed Friday, May 20th and it's going into a 98 civic EX (previously a d16y8)...i have decided to go N/A. i have several questions and asking for your opinions on these...

Will the short ram from the d16 fit on the gsr motor? (i heard the manifold on the gsr's are funky)

For headers: 4-2-1 or 4-1 ? (i was thinking DC ss)

For cat-back full exhaust system: magnaflow (have heard good things about sound and HP gains)

Tires/wheels: currently on 16" konigs with Firestone FUZION racing tires

..probably a VAFC

-lookin for any suggestions, thx


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I think that 4-2-1 has more low end where as the 4-1 has more high end power. I just did a search on exhausts and it seems that magnaflow is a good way to go. I cant speak from experience but everyone seems like them. As for the intake Im not really to sure about that. Might as well keep it and try it once you get the motor in. If it dosnt fit perfectly then maybe move the battery to the trunk. Thats what I did anyways. Best of luck to you.