Help with a 95 lx accord with H22A swap

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New Member
I recently picked up a 1995 Honda accord LX auto with a 97 H22A swap ran with a POA ECU, it fires right up and runs good but its not engaging Vtec at all. It also has the Vtec solenoid that does not have a oil pressure switch there is just a bolt. I did some research and ran a wire from the Vtec solenoid and pinned it to the ECU at A4 with no luck. There are two CELs code 22 Vtec pressure switch and code 9 CYP sensor fault. Would I be able to get a Vtec solenoid with a oil pressure switch and pin that to the ECU? or is this ECU even compatible? If not what am I looking for and still able to run the auto transmission? Any help or advice would be appreciated. I got the car for pretty cheap.
If i recall, you need to swap A11 and A6 on that one as it has the egr and vtec pressure switched.