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well i gotta get either a studio or move in with roommates, SOON. so i found 3 potential places that i would like to live, but cant decide which one to really consider. i will probably go check them all out, but just wanted some input from some other guys. First off, i have never lived in a roommate situation with people i don't know, but i am cool with meeting new friends, and i really want to here in SD, cause i don't have any guy friends here really.

so, basically i am gonna be in school and working on a lot of HW soon, along with working part time, i kind of want somewhere where i can do HW, but i dont wanna live some place that never parties. i mean, a queit place sounds cool, but then what happens when i wanna bring someone home to stay over, ya know? so look at these three ads and give me some opinions on this shit.

First one

second one

third one
IMO, #2 is out of the question. They sound like they party just a little too much for your liking. Usually when you party, you're loud. So 3 days out the week for some HW time just isn't enough especially when you are in college.

#3 seems like a nice place to live but it seems like they are socially(sp?) deprived. People who are that quiet, are assholes and wouldn't like it if you brought a few people over to hangout. If you are going to party elsewhere, I don't see why this place isn't good.

#1 sounds like the best choice. they party enough to keep you sane and are quiet enough when need-be. The only problem is sharing a bathroom with a girl. They take forever in the shower, fixing thier hair, ect, and by the time it's your turn, all the hot water is gone. Overall it seems like the best choice out of the 3, plus it's the cheapest.
Id go with 1 or 3. You'll probably be happier in the long run, and besides, it will be nice to be able to come home to a pleasant living environment where you can study when YOU need to. Theres always someplace else to go party--let them deal with the downsides of it.
screw #2. they sound like assholes. i say go with 1. #3 seems too boring. but the jacuzzi is key.
#3. Hands down. Why? Because you will have somewhere clean and quiet to live. I can't stress enough how fucking shitty it is to live with people who are slobs and party all the time. It sucks. If you wanna party a little, just find a party at someone else's house and show up. :D