Here Is My Rice

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I'm just about that action Boss.
Hey I finally got pictures of my rice on here. Yes it is what gives all honda owner's bad reps. Flame at will. I got lots of awesome commentary saturday but I didn't have pictures, now you can really tell me what I should and shouldn't do hence anyone can mold me in their own image, can't drive the car yet, only 15.95. too big of pics to paste.
not bad man. there is some major rust by the battery. get some rustoleum spray paint and cover that thing with about 4 coats and it shouldnt come back. try cleaning it first as best you can with a water & baking soda solution. rustoleum takes a long time to dry so dont go too heavy on each coat.
Dude,the tezza's gotta go and paint your body kit.Other than that,it's your ride,build it how you,like,no one here pays your rent,so who cares.But it is a tech site and you can't blame some for not caring about body kits,and what not.Anyway have fun. :)
i thoguth you said your headlights werent apc's y0
yeah, the car sat for 3 months before I got it without a hood and stuff so ofcourse there is a lil rust. And yeah the tail lights are going next month, and no kit, just white bumpers, I had to buy em, there were none and only had like 100 for em, and the headlights aren't apc y0, they are denji jaguar eyes. but yeah I like constructive critcism
What a waste of a hatch.

d-series power y0 :)

and learn how to use a camera and take 640x480 pics.
Don't you feel stupid though? That's .. by definition .. the biggest chunk of rice I've seen in a while (well, in a little while). Why?

Why can't you just invest more into making your car faster .. and leave stock components on? Even get .. stock looking .. components for your car?

It's okay to make your car look nice, but a hatch with that quasi spoiler on it? OMFG, stop the pain. The lights .. start a bonfire, throw them in.

Oh well, the pretty blue under the hood adds ~15-30 hp. Can't argue with that, c'mon now. Oh well, sad.
yeah thats the criticism I was looking for. this is the before pics should know that. and I didn't take pictures my buddy who is a moron, took them, the kids is failing on getting his ged, yet alone knows how to operate a camera.
Im curious to see what everyone considers "rice"

Its getting so damn trendy that everyone tries to mod their car to other peoples standards cause they are scared they will be called a ricer...
IMHO, if you spend most of your money on handling and going faster, there isn't much that's gonig to be on your car that's going to get flamed. Unless it says APC on it and you think it's going to help you go faster.
actually having some stock isnt bad, as honda makes pretty good parts.

about "rice", i dont see it as a bad thing; i eat rice every day and take it as a compliment. If it doesnt help in performance, its shit, but i wouldnt call it rice. rice is 2 good.
don't feel bad I just got the biggest p.o.s./project/rice/4-speed/70hp/multi-colored/ghetto '91 hatch. would post pics but pirate salvage yard guy stole the camera out of my totalled sol :angry: anyway a few changes and you'll have a nice car on your hands :p
The owned pic was mean. Damn bastards, crushing little kids' dreams. I'd call you a meany, but then I'd get flamed. I'd have to post an owned pic of myself. hehe.

So, I guess I'll just explain my belief on "ricing."

If you are going to make a car look nice, there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for massive spoiler. Kid, you've got a hatch, why the hell did you add some little piece of crap jutting out from the back? C'mon man, sell that crap on ebay. Leave it looking nice.

About the "pwetty" little lights, okay.. fine. Leave em, they don't look HORRIBLE. They look okay ... but without that shitty little spoiler, things would look a lot better.

You will know when you've gone to some exccesive degree in making your car standout. Your car shoudl stand out by shear speed, not blazingly stupid chunks of fiberglass strewn across the sides of your car.

If you drive, and you just love driving, having power is all you shoudl want.

If you drive, and love driving .. but also like to make the whole "car thing" a social type thing, then go make your car pretty. Get a car wash, get some cute little rims, and heck .. go get some altezzas. Just please .. don't go to some wild excess.

That spoiler is what shatters the image of your car. Stop it.

GL man.