hey Toyota guys...


hey i think some of ya know that i got a POS corolla a couple years ago. its an '86 FWD sedan. well i was looking around the net, and found out that the 88-89 MR2 motor can be swapped in place of the 4ac stock motor. anyone know anything aobut this stuff?

i am probably gonna get a new car soon anyways, so that might be a fun little beater car. it would be a hell of a sleeper with my stock 13 inch rims and everything.

ya well help me out with any info if you can

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bah. corollas came in 3 flavors.


Hatch and Coupe - SR5 or GTS, both RWD.

Sedan - not sure what trim levels, but they were FWD.

The 1G MR2 was a mid-engine 4AGE with a transaxle, so it would be like having a FWD Corolla GTS.


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Ah, there we go. I went searching around and could find nothing but RWD coupes. The sedan was the difference... I knew I was right! :)


mine is an AE82, but its an'86, or 1986, not an AE86. sorry i should have put the whole year so people wouldn't get confused


but does anyone have any knowlesge about the trannies bolting up right and the motor mounts and stuff. my motor is a single cam, and the 4ag is dual cam, so is it still the same series of motor? would it basically be like swapping in a ZC motor in place of a single cam D series?


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Wiring is a total f'ing bitch. It's not worth it. Could you do it ? Sure thing. But when I say Bitch I mean it. I'll never do one again.

MR2s themselves are cheap, lighter and easy to store in the basement in the off season. Check one out.

Also, Here are the different Corolla Flavors offered between 1984 and 1989:

4Door Sedan: FWD

Wagon: FWD and COMPLETELY different than the rest.

Wagon AWD: COMPLETELY different than the other 2

Hatchback Coupe: 3 door Civic looking thing. COMPLETELY Different than the other 3. Offered in FX16, which is 4AGE powered.

Notchback Coupe: an AE86 (US VIN) coupe version of the famous hatch. Available in GTS and SR5 trims, which turn out to be as similar as 88-89 and 90-91 Civics. All the pieces are close, but no cigar.

Hatchback Coupe (Or Liftback): The one you all know and recognise.

1989 offered two more into the mix, again completely different cars. The AE92 FWD coupe and the AWD wagon got dropped for the All-Trac wagon.

When talking AE86 (AE85) you'll need to be versed in the fine art of recognising Kouki to Zenki - Pre gen and after gen. Zenki drive parts won't fit the Kouki components.

The Corolla program at Toyota was an overflow (As Nissan's Sentra program) to allow designers and student designers the chance to break a design out for market testing. Basically, throw some experimental designs out there and see what sticks. In Japan they are called the Levin or Trueno, with the budget models retaining the "Corolla" name. while I have yet to have a Japanese speaker confirm this, according to MSN a "Corolla" is some sort of sexually oriented floral arrangement.

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The petals of a flower considered as a group or unit and usually of a color other than green; the inner whorl of the perianth.