Hey.... Will Buy Complete D16z6

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I need any D16z6 Complete motor w/ everything....i've been trying to look for a complete set up but everone seems to be just parting out so. if anyone heard or know or is selling a complete d16z6...holla back aites....thanks...
Hey man...I have a complete D16Z6 swap that I may be selling in the near future if the price is right. It is out of a '94 Civic Si HB and has right near 70,000 miles on it. I have replaced the valve seals and gaskets, except for the head gasket, but may do that soon. It was in great running condition when it was pulled from my brothers car.
I have the engine, tranny, ecu, mounts, axels, extra vtec wiring harness, extra exhaust manifold, and some other upgrade parts that I could throw in w/ the right $. Let me know what you might be willing to pay for it.???? I would prefer not to ship it, but I could ship truck freight if it has to be that way.....let me know what you think...thanks..