HID headlights for sols

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I have the "blue" bulbs now and they are worse than the oem "amber" ones (I can bearly tell i have my lights on). Is there any actuall HID for the sol that are actually reasonable. I heard that some sol people are using the system of the s2k's. Anyone hear of this. Are they just using the system or are they doing full out headlight conversions (way out of my price rang + the sol headlights shape looks fine for the car). About how much am i looking at for price?
do a search for H4 HID conversion ... they cost about 400 - 600... ive heard that they glare a lot because the lense isnt made for them so it refracts the light all over the place

the best standard lights you can get are by Stanley (OEM Honda... make sure you check a lot of dealerships carry GE and try to pass them off)... they tested better than the piaa platinums for light output