high output coil

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Today at Autozone I saw a high output coil for a 92 civic ex dizzy for 60 bucks.And goes in the same spot as the stock one in the dizzy. suposedly Its like 15% stronger that stock. What the hell does that mean? better spark, more voltage ? i havent ever messed with my ignition. some kid who worked their was trying to pawn the thing off on me. :lol: And is that piece of crap worth 60$ never used.. I have an msd cap for my car i havent put it on because one of the bolt holes on the cap don't line up on the dis but the Msd box says d16z6 on it. Its for a coil outside of the distributior? I was wondering how you hook somthing up like that, can you just run the wires out of your cap to a stock coil outside of the distrubotor mounted to the strut or somthing.

Thanks In Advance


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Personally, I wouldn't trust anything from AutoZone that actually functions electronically. I mean, axles, belts, hoses, etc. are fine, but an Auto Zone 'high output coil'? I'm thinking 'No'.


external blaster coil craps...

worthless IMO. all they do is fry ignitors.

unless your build a serious high rpm race car, i don't see the need for an aftermarket ignition


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Thanks ,I think i will sell that dizzy cap and plan on a difif mod.