Higher Compression

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New Member
if i raised my compression.. how should i compensate when adjusting my FPR.

the car was running rich as hell, and i was planning on dropping the fuel pressure, but i'm thinking again since i raised the compression.

do i need more/less fuel when having a higher compression?
If you're talking about higher compression, everything else aside, you shouldn't need any more or less fuel. Higher octane, of course. Think about it...you're compressing the same amount of "stuff" more, then igniting it....it's going to give you more of a bang. Shouldn't require any more or less fuel.
okay.. makes sense.. i was just wondering if it was not advisable to lean my car out a bit since i bumped the compression. thanks
it depends on how rich your car was running previously. its so hard to speculate, given the fact that i've never seen a dyno with your air/fuel ratio prior to the change in compression.
and play around with it a little. try leaning it out in the lower rpm's...and or giving the car fuel to see how it reacts...as i know i can feel a difference with a drop in as little as 5hp over a given range.