holy birthday's batman!

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Battle Pope

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Happy birthday, but nope, don't recognize any of yas.


I wanna be sedated
VTECPOWER post all the time, well, enough for me torecognize.

But Happy Bday to all none the less.


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Haha, i fucked up, my birthday is july 13th, when i registered like 2 years ago i must of thought it was the month as in july (7), not the day, idk wtf i was thinking, but im still 17! l :lol:


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Originally posted by E_SolSi@Jul 7 2005, 05:50 PM
well fuck you then :p
no Happy Birfday for you :fuckyou2:
[post=522277]Quoted post[/post]​

Haha, you can just............

Save that til the 13th!