Honda Accord 2007. Help with engine cranking but not starting

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Hi. I’m dealing with an odd problem with my Honda Accord. I have a condition with my Accord where I have to top up engine oil every 700-800 kms. The reason behind this, as I’ve been told, is some kind of oil leakage from the gasket/engine rings. The whole procedure to fix them would require opening of the engine and I don’t see the worth working on the option considering the car will practically be garbage when it completes 15 years according to my local law.

However, this is not the problem. My engine usually cranks in a second but it has stopped turning on altogether. I was doing a routine oil top up and the car was working fine beforehand. I poured in the engine oil and tried to start the car. The car would crank but it wouldn’t start. I tried long cranks and eventually after about 10 minutes or so it did come to life. The same thing happened again for 6-7 days and then it finally stopped. (At the moment I had my exams going so I didn’t go to the mechanic). Anyway, long cranks and eventual turning on of the engine.

Then it stopped suddenly and everything got back to normal. Well, until yesterday when I tried to turn it back on but it gave me the same problem. It eventually did turn on. But not today, it didn’t.

I’ve engaged a mechanic and we’ve scanned the vehicle for OEM codes. (I’ll post a link for the pictures) The mechanic couldn’t make sense of the problem and thinks it’s an electrical issue. I doubt though because it shouldn’t start altogether, no?

What could be the problem here?
have you checked for air fuel and spark?

have you done any maintenance on the vehicle recently?