Honda Challenge - Road Racing Series

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Do Hondas own import racing? Hondas are at home on the racetrack with the sophisticated suspension and high tech motors that are delivered from the factory. Performance and reliability is the true essence of “Powered by Honda” and that is what wins races!
Many people have been searching for a place to race Hondas in a unified field and that time has arrived!

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) has recognized this need and developed the Honda Challenge Series to provide a venue for the legions of Honda fans around the country. Many of the nation’s top Honda tuners are joining the series to support the racers and “competition-prove” their parts, so the battle will be epic for what is quickly becoming the best thing in import racing. Come join Honda Challenge today!

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it depends which class u are running in. h1 hybrid class is prett open: open head, cage, brakes. the bootom end has to be all oem and within factory limits. check the website. they have east coast and west coast series now.
Your 1st post sounded like a commercial. I talked to somebody who went to one of those Honda Challenge's in Virginia I think it was, he said they damn near chopped off his left nut because he over-took a turn and went on the grass and messed it up tryin to get back on course.
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He does have an ITR motor, but I just don't know bout the wing.