Honda Civic Del Sol. 1993 D16Z6

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Honda Noob
Selling my Honda civic Del sol. Has the D16Z6 engine. Body kit, after market rims, carbon fiber racing seats. Nothing wrong with car. Has new distributor, wires, platinum spark plugs, oil changed every 3k miles since i owned it. Interior is great, no rips or anything. Has Del Sol rugs, could be shampooed. New paint, metallic color changing. Im selling the car for 4000 firm, if interested Email me at i dont always check this site. Pictures on photobucket: dudekyle2002/Del Sol - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
spam the other sites, craigslist, etc.

but take a little more time and make a better format.

something like this....


and take the time to post the pics rather than the links. you'll get better response. post a phone number too.
a civic del sol?
and you spelled racing wrong in the tags..
and whats with the happy tag? lolol

but 95b16coupe is right about the format..
i know i like seeing pictures, i didnt even notice the link to the pictures though, i didnt read it very carefully.
just take your time and make a good post and save it on your computer so you can post it anyway, i.e. craigslist, honda-tech, hondaswap, myspace.. whatev.