Honda Swap Cars (56k beware)

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This thread was lost a while ago (I think), so I thought I would start it up again. Post your car pictures and a mod list or Honda Gallery profile link, but only in one post.
Here's my POS (duh).






Honda Gallery Profile
Here's my 232 Wheel HP b16a turbo wonder...





And the pretty, pretty money shot ;)

my baby :) 89 rex dx




- eibach sportline springs, KYB shocks
- CAI polished intake (i have it rigged for CAI now)
- 2-1/4" catback exhaust w/dynomax muffler & chrome tip

upgrades to come:
-14" lightweight wheels & tires
you mean me? yea, those are wheel caps. gonna get some real wheels sometime soon hopefully. i know i need some bad. :(
hey pissedoffsol, i hope to god that you were just kidding, since we all know that integras are made by honda in if thats a tru JDM integra....well thats a dif story, but u should JDMify your ride, so you don't have some goofy ass Spanish-affiliated title...CRX III sounds much better })....and by the way, props to SiR kid, that is sleeper as HELL, i would have no clue by looking at the outside....
here is my hot batch, dont cream your pants kiddies ;)


i love this shot ;)

she is a 1996 civic DX coupe
99 b16a2 swap
ctr cams
itr springs/retainers
mugen 1 ply head gasket
skunk2 cam sprockets
aem cai
dc 4-1 header
jrsc hi-flow cat
tanabe racing medallion cat back exhaust
neuspeed sport springs (soon will be replaced with tein ss)
17" volk wheels (old, never seen them anywhere else in the US)
skunk2 short shifter
spoon shift nob (i love that thing :))
5" silver autometer tach
apexi vafc
mugen/skunk2 P28
JDM civic rear disc conversion
wilwood 4 piston 13" rotor big brake front kit
hehe, yes there is definately hope for your DX, and i'm no where near done with mine ;). i've only dragged it once, and that was like 3 weeks after i did the swap. so, on a completely bone stock b16 in that car, it ran a 15.2, not bad compared to the 17.6 it ran with the non-vtec d motor :)



She's a 91 CRX DX, bought it with 32K miles on her. the 4x4 look is gettin fixed soon. got kyb agx's , neuspeed sportlines , and a camber kit in the mail, and a nice skunk2 shortshifter on the way oh and some rota sub-zeros' as well
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 21 2002, 02:02 PM
honda integra??

rice boy

Actually there is a funny story to those. Some kid in L town decided that he needed my Acura logos more than I did so I replaced them with the H's and the HONDA and they have been there since. I started with the rice boy Yellow H's and decided they looked :ghey: so I got the silver ones. Yes, they are H center caps. The wheels came that way when I bought them, the kid I bought them from had them on a rex.

And there is always the point that dohcvtec_accord made. When you pop the hood on a Gen 2 does it say Acura? When you by parts for a Gen 2 do the bags or boxes they come in say Acura? No, and no. Acura really only exists because of perpetual American snobbery, no one would buy a luxury car from Honda so along comes Acura to fill the gap.
I know, hence the funny story first (which is the real reason they happened). The second story is there because after reading the bumper sticker thread I am on a soap box. People that are that close minded about other people's choices really piss me off. I didn't mean to sound pissed.