game to OWN MC

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here's what i was thinking...

pissedoffsolwork: here's what i was thinking...
pissedoffsolwork: hondas only... (it will be on hondaswap after all)
pissedoffsolwork: all the major models to choose from with trim levels
pissedoffsolwork: swaps...
pissedoffsolwork: only shit that fits
Afipunktwentyone: Acura, too, right?
pissedoffsolwork: ie, a 4th gen crx si will need a mount kit for a b-series
pissedoffsolwork: yeah acura
Afipunktwentyone: err just jdm--honda teg, honda rdx
pissedoffsolwork: lol
pissedoffsolwork: so you buy a car- it comes with the d-series junker
pissedoffsolwork: you buy a swap
Afipunktwentyone: ok, so no h22a into 89 rex :)
pissedoffsolwork: if you try to buy an s2000 swap- it wont fit
pissedoffsolwork: lol
pissedoffsolwork: and you are fucked
pissedoffsolwork: lol
Afipunktwentyone: let them buy it
pissedoffsolwork: so, it will take some knowlege
pissedoffsolwork: oh i know- you can buy anything
Afipunktwentyone: ok
pissedoffsolwork: and if you buy a turbo kit-
pissedoffsolwork: theres no such thing
pissedoffsolwork: you have to buya turbo with a t3 flange, with the proper manifold, downpipe, wastegate
pissedoffsolwork: and so
pissedoffsolwork: on
pissedoffsolwork: the real deal
pissedoffsolwork: and THEN
Afipunktwentyone: speaking turbo, wtf is up with having a turbo and my AEM CAI...
Afipunktwentyone: ok, go on
pissedoffsolwork: there will be racing-- 2 types
pissedoffsolwork: drag and autox/track
pissedoffsolwork: and each user will be allowed to have 2 cars
pissedoffsolwork: one for each purpose
pissedoffsolwork: autox cars can only race autox cars on autox tracks
pissedoffsolwork: and vice versa
Afipunktwentyone: ok
Afipunktwentyone: now, owuld u buy a new domain, or have a link on the main home page?
pissedoffsolwork: i call it
pissedoffsolwork: you will have to have a hondaswap account
pissedoffsolwork: so our membership will go up as well
Afipunktwentyone: any fees as in MC?
pissedoffsolwork: i was thinking like this...
pissedoffsolwork: not only will you win money, you will win credits too - but you wont loose credits if you loose- only money
Afipunktwentyone: that's good
pissedoffsolwork: so, if you do good- you will never have to buy
pissedoffsolwork: nor wait 10 min
Afipunktwentyone: yeah, that's the thing that bl0wz
pissedoffsolwork: basically, have like a season...
pissedoffsolwork: nhra or something
pissedoffsolwork: scca for autox
Afipunktwentyone: how about wagering creditsd 4 racing?
Afipunktwentyone: have a lamer rating, if they buy ricer shit, their lamer rating goes up :)
pissedoffsolwork: it wont even be fore sale
Afipunktwentyone: even better
Afipunktwentyone: now, if u want toda, crwoer, jun shit, do u need to contact them?
pissedoffsolwork: no... its going to all be generic shit
Afipunktwentyone: :-(
pissedoffsolwork: i dunno
Afipunktwentyone: get some jic's :)
pissedoffsolwork: i dont know what the legality is
sounds pretty pimp! although you need to do away with the theft thing too cheap

i think you should have something what can be bought with real money, just so yu can make a lil extra cash
im still thinking up ideas... we'll see what happens
thats good, theiving is too cheap, and doesn't require much skill or time to get into the higher ranks

how about adding a few select other supercars, like a skyline, silvia, supra, etc?
'The Hondaswap Challenge'
Where you can build up your Honda and do alright or buy a car made by a different manufacturer and kick everyone else's ass.
honda/acura only...

i want to make it REAL

you WILL blow up if you dont do shit right...
you will have to lauch... (im working on a javascript to emulate .500 r/t) else you redlight or have a 23.3 r/t :p
you will buy internals. you will have to buy a replacement axel if you break one... and so on.. I want to make it a REAL dragging game..... none of this BS shite

if you guys have any ideas, run them by me now before i start this... its always easier to plan with it, than to add it in later...
damn that would be the shit! if you could find out the legalities of using big name companies to fis up the cars [ex. crower, skunk2, jun, je pistons, rods, hondata, running ITBs etc etc] either way if you use generic stuff it would still be dope cause that Nitto shit aint cuttin it!!! oh man, i'd be one of the first to join if you did do it

definitely keep me informed about it :D

and also i think keep the game on the same domain [] or whatever you call it
well, heres a gay rendition of what it probably wont look like :)
spent an hour on it tonight.. brain storming ideas....
its going to be tough...

I have a good idea for a prize too :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
you will love me. lol
that said, i gotta make it in the same fashion, where its free to play and stuff, but if you have any chance of winning you will have to spend a couple bucks. that way it will cover the cost (hopefully) of the prize.
If you want it to be as real as possible. Then stealing someone's car, stuff from car, etc. would have to happen.

I still like my idea of letting people spend, spend, spend past their 5000 limit, but if they dont win enough to pay the payments on their debt, then random shit starts missing or the car is repoed or something. <shrugs>

Anyways, your look so far is good, but, that is almost the same as MC. Still looks good.

Will it be faster then MC? As it is now, fuck that site until it will actually load at a decent time. I was trying to convence a friend to cable/dsl and he seen me playing and loading that page and said no, b/c it was so fucking slow!!
does hondaswap load slow?

no. i think its one of the fastest sites out there IMO.
hit submit, wait 1 sec, your post is in front of your face before you know it (on cable/dsl +)... i dont know how 56k is... i pity all of you on it

as for stealing.. i dunno... its something to consider...
the layout WONT be that. steve is going to whip up something that will look kick ass as usual...

i don't half-ass my websites. shit, even ECDS was fast.
Calm down Killer B.. I was asking b/c you know membership is going to skyrocket. I know its fast as hell now, but will it be with 20k members?

Anyways.. can't wait. :)
6k now... 6-8k on hondagallery...
i think its holding up quite well thanks
yea brian sounds sweet. are we going to do frankinstines engines, (crvtec yum) Oh and for the prize, Tein Doll :) Find out about the legal things and all that. Like with had to change their name to Your going to run into the same shit. But the game sounds sweet. Now we are going to have 80394059238452 people posting, can i put a typeR head on my d-series block?

I cant wait, how long do you think this is going to take?
b i was just messin around with that idea, how about we get like a $250 to anyone of our sponsors?
that is the one thing that i think is :ghey: about the other game, a little rc car is only fun for so long, it is not funtional. It would be sweet to offer something to the winner that could be used on there car, (19x deck carbon fiber alumnium alloy (throw some titanium in there) spoiler with lots of LEDs :) ) But this game sounds like it is going to be sweet, and i'll need CAI on my swap when ever i get it
Nah, depending on how much it costs to play, how many people used it skill invlolved, I;m thinking 250-350 dollar prize range (Apex-i VAFC comes to mind) :)
ok guys-- im closing this thread... why?


you need to RE-REGISTER. it is a WHOLE NEW BOARD.
please ONLY REGISTER IF YOU PLAN TO PLAY the game... that way, it will be more accurate of how many users are actually in the game.

post there guys.
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